Our recipe: Kansei Engineering and Design.

Kansei, creating an emotional bond.

Utani means “útil, fácil y bonito" in Spanish, which means “useful, easy and beautiful". These are, in order, three values that govern all of our work. However, something is still missing. 

In each phase of our process, we apply Kansei Engineering and Design principles  in order to generate an emotional connection with users. By applying Kansei to a product that is already “useful, easy and beautiful", we are applying the varnish necessary so that our senses find the final experience, engaging, enjoyable and memorable.


Creation process 1st step
When considering an application, the first thing we do is identify what makes an application truly “useful” and we construct a concept design that is functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.


Creation process 2st step
Second, we look at how to best to apply technology in a way that is “accessible”, “easy”, “human”, almost “magical”. Finally, we mix all of these ingredients to create friendly, enjoyable experiences that stimulate our senses.


This is the secret of our cuisine.


 Kansei= Kan: sensation, sei: sensitivity Kansei is the instantaneous feeling and emotion that we experience when we interact with things, such as products and services. Kansei engineering, developed in the 70's by Professor Mitsuo Nagamachi (Hiroshima University), is simply a methodology for ensuring your product or service evokes desirable emotional responses. The process allows you to model customer’s instantaneous feelings and emotions and subsequently translate them into design parameters.